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Why does my club need MessageUpdate.com?

MessageUpdate.com allows you to send notification of events to those who need to know.

Canceled due to weather:

Has an event ever been canceled by weather? Who makes all the calls to let the members know? How well does that calling tree work when a lot of people aren't home or don't answer?

Change in time or location:

Has anyone ever arrived too early or too late or at the wrong location for a meeting?


Some clubs require different materials be brought to meetings. Wouldn't a quick reminder before the meeting be great? (This could help parents too!)

If your organization isn't one utilizing MessageUpdate.com for keeping people informed, find out how easy it is to start.

Download a brochure (pdf)

If you are having problems, please see our Contact Us page for more information.

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Please look on our Errors page to see if your email, phone, or pager is listed, what the problem is, and a possible fix.

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