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Sending quick messages is our specialty.

Have you ever wanted to send a short message to many people - NOW? has the solution for you! Our system is ideal for schoolsclubsathletic events, and business meetings.

We specialize sending short messages to cell phones, pagers, and regular email accounts. Because we send plain text messages, we have these benefits to offer you:

  • No HTML
    • Messages are small
    • Messages have a better chance getting through corporate firewalls
  • No images
    • Messages are small
    • Works with cell phones
    • Works with pagers
  • Very fast delivery
If your organization
isn't one utilizing
for keeping people
informed, find out
how easy it is to start.

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If you are having problems, please see our Contact Us page for more information.

Not receiving messages?
Please look on our Errors page to see if your email, phone, or pager is listed, what the problem is, and a possible fix.
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